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This will be your
biggest financial year yet.

Doors open May 2024.

Join the waitlist.

Getting a job and maxing out your salary is perfectly fine for most people. 

But you want something more.

You want to make more, leverage your time and skills better, do what you love (or, at least, like), but also get paid what you’re worth. 

Founder, creator, solopreneur, multihyphenate – there’s no great title for what you’re doing.

All you know is you want to use your knowledge and skills to make more money.

And this is the year you do it.

So if you’ve been working on:

Turning your side hustle into your main gig

Diversifying your consulting or creator business with courses, workshops, books, and products

Making money outside of your full-time job through speaking, content, or products

This is for you.

Let’s make 2024 your biggest money-making year yet.

What is Big Cash Money 2024?

We’re starting as a Discord community - a group of ambitious people looking to maximize their revenue streams in 2024.

But this isn’t your average server. 

To provide additional value to members, I’ve hired our very own Growth and Accountability Coach, Ryan Cox, to offer you feedback, advice, and support on your money-making journey.

Why a community?

There is so much life-changing knowledge trapped in individual experiences, wins, and frustrations.

By providing a safe space to share that knowledge, we can lift each other up and go further together.

What do I get if selected?

You get access to our Growth and Accountability Coach for support and advice on your journey. 

You’ll also be invited to our two weekly events:


  • Monday Async Standups
    Post your update and goals for the week at any point throughout the day. Respond and engage with the community and help hold each other accountable. Our coach will be there to cheer you on.


  • Friday Feelings at 1PM PT/4PM ET
    The journey is full of emotions, ups and downs, wins, and frustrations. We want to create a safe space to be vulnerable with a supportive group who gets it.

    Join us for 30 minutes of honest, text-based conversations (no video) about how things are going and get pumped for next week. Moderated by our coach.

What do I do as a member?

Once you’re accepted, we expect two things:


  • Do your best to attend most Monday Standups and Friday Feelings. That’s where the magic of the community happens. We’ll send calendar invites so you have reminders.


  • Keep conversations that happen in the Discord private, per our community guidelines. We want to create a safe space for people to share and be vulnerable, so it’s of the utmost importance that conversations in the community stay private.

Learn, make friends, and reach your goals together ❤️

How do I join?

Who's behind this?

Mask group.png


Hi, I’m Saron. I’m the founder of CodeNewbie (acquired), a developer, podcaster, creator, and mother of an incredible little girl. 

I’m also the founder of Disco and we’re working on a tool to help people with multiple streams of income manage their finances.

Mask group(1).png


Hi, I’m Ryan. The founder of Cox Coaching (not acquired). For years, I've specialized in Accountability & Growth for high-performing individuals. Said plainly: I optimize people. You winning is the battery in my back.


I adopted two of my nephews in 2010, I have a real estate holding co. with someone I met off Twitter, and when Saron approached me, I said yes before even knowing what the project was.

I have a question, who do I ask?

You can email me, Saron, at Excited to hear from you! 🤗

Doors open May 2024.

Join the waitlist.

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